Body At Ease - Osteopath in Hornchurch  

What happens before examining or treating?

Before examining or treating you, your osteopath should give a full explanation of what the proposed procedure will involve and why they are necessary and should seek your consent.

What do I wear when I visit an osteopath?

The main request is to avoid thick collars or a heavy, thick waistband and, if possible, wear loose stretch materials. You can wear cycle shorts and osteopaths try to look to areas away from the focal areas of pain to be sure about pain referral and/or that there are not factors influencing ones ability to compensate for ones injuries. For this reason, it is usually requested that you change down to your under garments, particularly on your first consultation. 

DON’T PANIC, you will never be expected to get into a state of undress if you are not entirely happy or uncomfortable with. Of course, you are entitled to be accompanied by a family member or friend. If you wish to be accompanied by someone but your preferred choice is not available for your appointment, the appointment can be re-scheduled to such time as they can attend.

Can an osteopath issue Incapacity Certificates?

As a Registered Osteopath, Mr. Said issues incapacity certificates, which have the same validity as a Doctor’s note. 

These are provided at no extra charge. However, most companies expect self-certification.