Body At Ease - Osteopath in Hornchurch  

What can Body At Ease Osteopathic Clinic offer for their patients?

- Making people more comfortable with themselves and their limitations
- Managing chronic arthritic conditions
- Helping people adapt to physical deforming of trauma
- Helping people overcome a poor body image associated with a painful restricted and uncomfortable part of themselves

A wide variety of treatment methods are used from soft tissue massage types of techniques and passive stretching movements to joints manipulation, muscle energy techniques, counterstrain and functional technique and visceral techniques used in management of condition affecting internal organs.

Who else may benefit from osteopathic treatment at Body At Ease Osteopathic Clinic?

- Sportsmen and women benefit at all levels too! Some are anxious to get back to their sport as quickly as possible after their injury; others may have a problem, which is preventing them from functioning at their best and they are recording poor performances so they require fine-tuning. 

- Patients after surgery, particularly when the body can’t adapt to the change in its mechanics. 

- Pregnant women- during pregnancy, when the change in posture increases pain and discomfort; many women find great relief from osteopathic treatment with the added benefit of drug avoidance.

What happens on my first visit?

A first consultation with an osteopath is similar to that with any medical practitioner. The osteopath will want to know how the symptoms began and the factors that affect them. A complete medical history will be taken, when previous illnesses or injuries, current treatments and medication will be noted.

An osteopath is qualified to carry out a conventional examination and to reach a diagnosis, so they may decide to make an orthopaedic, neurological or circulatory examination. X-rays, MRIs, blood tests or analyses may be requested as well. This part of the examination is very important because patients may not have seen their doctor beforehand. An osteopath is trained to identify any condition, which might require other treatments or referral.

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